Frequently Asked Questions

What is SILTA?
SILTA is a program that takes entrepreneurs from Finland to live at a startup hacker house for three months. The program enables the entrepreneurs to build their company, create their network and learn to navigate the vibrant startup scene of the SF Bay Area.
What is included in the Program?
We will cover costs related to the program such as flights, accomodation and light program revolving around the company building agenda. The SILTA program does not cover the participation fee (700€ per participant) or living costs in SF (800-1200€/month per person).
When is the S23 program held?
The program of SILTA S23 can be divided in two parts: hybrid orientation which is held on January - February on 16.1.-17.2.2023 and the program which is held on 5.3-27.5.2023 at SF Bay Area.
Where will SILTA take place?
The hybrid orientation is held virtually in Zoom. The program is held physically in the SF Bay Area.
How can I participate in the Program?
You can participate in the program by sending us an application (See the Application in the navigation menu) by December, 4th 2022.
Who organizes SILTA?
Silta is organized by an active team of Aaltoes alumni. The project is piloted under Aalto Entprereneurship Society (y id: 2291638-6) more commonly know as Aaltoes.
Can I apply if I dont have a company yet?
Yes, we’re looking for both aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.
Can I apply alone?
Yes, you can. We're looking for teams of 1-2 people.
For which stage companies is this?
Any stage, but you have to have a well communicated company building agenda and a plan for going to Silicon Valley.
How does the application process work?
Fill in our application form. If your application is good you will be invited to an interview, where you will get the chance to tell more about yourself and your idea. Most suitable teams will be accepted to the program.
I’m not located in Finland. Can I still apply?
Yes you can. However, as we are building the program to support founders from Finland, we expect you to either be Finnish by nationality or live in Finland.
What does the program look like?
A typical week in the program starts with a weekly sync session held on Monday morning, where we go through the progress of last week's goals and the goals for the upcoming week for each participant. Other than that, the common nominator between the weeks is that they consist most of independent work regarding company building as well as varying program organized by Silta depending on the week. The varying program can be for instance, keynotes held by entrepreneurs, going to networking events, having a get together with the KUMMIs, attending seminars, etc.

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