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The application period for the S23 batch has ended. Thank you for the applications!

Interested in joining the SILTA team? We're currently on the lookout for new team members:

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The application period for the S23 batch has ended. Thank you for the applications!
The application period for the S23 batch has ended. Thank you for the applications!
The application period for the S23 batch has ended. Thank you for the applications!
Application for S23 batch closes on this Sunday, December 4th!


Silta is a program that takes Finnish entrepreneurs to the SF Bay Area for three months to immerse them into the vibrant, lively culture of the SF Bay Area.

The purpose of Silta is to enable ambitious entrepreneurs from Finland to develop their company and vision in the can-do environment of Silicon Valley. We want to transform the humble Finnish attitude atmosphere to support taking on new, internationally ambitious ideas - to promote companies born global from day one.

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Flights and accommodation

We will cover to the flights and rental costs for 0-6 entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley to live at a rental house from the SF Bay Area. The program and the accommodation will be taken care of by a program lead who will be living with the participants.


We facilitate a program that aims to help you with your agenda to go to Silicon Valley by turning it into an objective and easily trackable goals. Read more about the program from our program page.

Network of supporting entrepreneurs

We facilitate a network of Valley-based mentors that are able to support you on your objective for the program. KUMMIs will be invited to different events, get togethers, and other communal activities.

Learn more about the program from our program page:

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Living in Silicon Valley has been a life-changing event for numerous entrepreneurial people. Here's how they described it:

"If you’ve ever felt like a misfit, don’t worry! The Bay Area is the place where it’s ok to think big, have big dreams and reach for the stars. In Silicon Valley the future is not something distant and abstract but something that’s being built every day. It had a profound impact on me and my thinking."

Perttu Pölönen

Inventor, author & keynote speaker

"As a young CEO or an aspiring entrepreneur I would absolutely grab any opportunity to join the Silta program and immerse myself in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Spending time there will bring in numerous benefits, both predictable and completely surprising."

Risto Siilasmaa

Founder, Chairman at F-Secure

"There’s so much to learn from Silicon Valley. The ambition level. The way of building companies. The relentless culture of experimentation. If you have a chance to spend time there, do it. Warning: Spending time under the Californian sun may change the course of your company – or career 😊."

Nelli Såger

Director, Chronic Care at BeeHealthy

"Building Meru Health in Silicon Valley and in the US in general has been a uniquely positive and exciting experience. We've been able to get to work with the absolute best people and partners in our industry (Y Combinator, Stanford, Harvard) and we've learned so much from other founders and other world leading digital health companies."

Kristian ranta

Co-Founder, CEO at Meru Health

”Silicon Valley is a wonderland that opens your mind to unlimited opportunities and energy"

Riko nyberg

Senior Ai engineer, Nrep

"It is amazingly inspiring to live in SF among people who follow their dreams and take concrete steps to build the type of world they believe in. No one ever asked me, “Aren’t you scared your thing does not work” but rather “that sounds interesting, tell me more.” Living in this kind of environment pushes one to do better and to succeed in solving problems they find meaningful"

Katariina Helaniemi

Head of impact - illusian group oy