What is the SILTA program about?

Silta is a program that takes early-stage founders from Finland to the San Francisco Bay Area for three months to build their companies and enables them to immerse themselves into the vibrant and lively culture of the SF Bay area startup ecosystem.

The program provides the participants with customized activities that might help the participants with reaching their objective for the program - depending on the objectives of the participant this could mean anything from making necessary introductions or organizing events for networking with experts from a particular domain.

The SILTA Program is a great opportunity to:

Build: Focus on building your company during the three-month program
Connect: Connect with ambitious, like-minded founders, investors and experts.
Level up: Develop yourself to become a world-class founder while building your company and connecting with relevant people.

How is it done?

Program built around your objectives
The program revolves around the objectives you want to achieve during the three months in the SF Bay Area. The objectives are set with the help of the SILTA Goal-Setting Framework.
All of the practicalities taken care of
We take care of the flights, accommodation, and other practicalities for the three months in SF so that you can focus on what matters the most -- building your company.

Opportunity to create a network that matters
Through the program and events in SF, you have the chance to create connections with exceptional founders, investors, and experts both from Silicon Valley and Finland.
*The participation cost for the program is 700€/person.

Program Structure

Our program consists of orientation and program parts.

Preparing to build your company in SF Bay Area

The orientation is a month-long events series that is organized right before the actual SILTA program. The purpose of the orientation is to maximize the preparedness of our participants for building their company in the SF Bay Area. Orientation consists of four types of events:
  • Community Cottage. A community gathering for welcoming the new batch of SILTA.
  • Founder Talks. Sessions to hear stories from SF Based founders.
  • Workshops. Sessions for learning about the essentials of building your company in the US.
  • Plan Iteration. Sessions to improve and iterate your program plan forward.
Month 1

Getting on with the program

The first month starts with a few orientation events for the participants -- the SILTA S23 kick-off event as well as exploring San Francisco during the batch nightout. In addition to building their company, the first month also includes the participants getting used to the weekly structure, and practicalities of working and living in the SF Bay Area. The aim is to have a rapid start for everyone.
Month 2

The midway for the program

After the warmup during the M1, M2 is the time to for our founders to get sh*t done! Additionally, M2 is crucial time to critically evaluate the objectives set for the program as there's still time to do major pivots and achieve the new objectives before the end of the program.
Month 3

The Final Countdown

M3 is the 'final countdown' for the program. During M3 the participants should reach the objectives they set for themselves for SILTA and reflect back on the progress done during the program. The entire program will end with SILTA Demo Day, the final event of the program organized physically in SF Bay Area.

S23 Program Lead Introduction

Hi! I am Aleksi, the upcoming Program Lead for the SILTA S23 batch. I have been building the SILTA project since the beginning of 2021 and am super excited to facilitate the next program!
Aleksi Päkkilä
Program Lead of SILTA S23 batch

Looking to join the program? Stay in our orbit for the next SILTA batches!

Eight brilliant founders are building their companies in the S23 Batch right now, but not to worry, the next batch will be here soon!
Application open x.x. - x.x.2023!

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